Jolly Dodger

After a few years of hiding under the pier for shelter, Jolly Dodger had begun to notice something that many of his friends had not before; there was a pattern to the rain cycle in Showdown Town. Had there been one at the Lagoon? The pale frog could not think back on such days, that seemed so long ago. 

They were not selected at random, and in fact, seemed to often appear on Mondays. And it was such, that this Monday, was one of those very wet days. The poor frog’s home, which was usually much more dry, was now completly under water. He really had no where to turn.

To make matters worse, luck did not seem to be on his side the past year so. Jolly had been selling counterfeit games, and even jiggy’s, claimed to be souvenirs, since losing his Inn. Somewhere in between of his wanderings, the homeless frog lost the suitcase he held dear to him and now he was on the last bit of notes. 

That was when he decided to get ask for a room at the light house once more. He hoped that the amount of notes he did have would persuade the owner to rest there. Maybe if he could do some work around the light house? Either way, he made his way over.